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Commah is an independent student-run organization focused on providing opportunities to the leaders, changemakers, and entrepreneurs of the future.

We’re committed to growing the entrepreneurial ecosystem by starting at the bottom of the funnel and helping early stage business minded individuals get involved in the startup ecosystem.



Commah analyses various new start-ups and companies to provide key information for inspiring teenage entrepreneurs!


We host high school competitions for entrepreneurship, designed to extend thinking young participants.


We organize seminars for high-school students, hosting some of the NZ's leading business owners and CEOs


Looking for guidance of your entrepreneurial journey? Learn from those who have gone through the startup journey before, and can help you avoid mistakes or meet the right people


The biggest challenge young founders face is that they haven't met everyone they need to know to succeed. We try to bridge this gap by bringing people together, whether it's online or face-to-face to create genuine relationships and supportive network of young founders achieving ambitious goals.

Are you an inspiring entrepreneur?

Commah is always in need of new members to create content as well as organize seminars. If you're interestedbe sure to click here!

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